We are providing e-commerce & E-learning solutions for all kinds of business needs.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce solution have become an indispensable tool for every enterprise in order to have a completely controllable online presence and get turned with changing scenario of global markets.

Would you like to establish yourself in online eCommerce industry?
You are at right place, we are the experts providing all end-to-end solutions.

We are official Shopify Experts & Partner https://experts.shopify.com/adex-labs

E-Learning Solutions

Do you need online course platform you can trust with your busines?
Adex Labs can provide you e-learing solution for your customized requirement. Whether you are educating 10 students or 10 million, we have seemless, fast & robust solution for you.

Web development ranges from the simplest single page of plain text to the complex web-based internet applications, online businesses, social network services. Whether you need simple web application, e-commerce development, custom application development or network security configuration, Adex Labs is a perfect place for you.
Making a good looking site is not a only thing, it has to perform well too. So, we feature following things of every activity of our website development.


Unlike traditional websites for which you need to contact developer to do even a small change, we buid all of our websites using CMS.

Responsive Mobile First Design

Instead of creating different sites for each device, we build one site that adapts for optimal viewing across different devices.

SEO Friendly Design

Search visibility is something that everyone will look for. Our design techniques will help you stand better in search engines.

Custom Development

Every customer wants to have the best there is on the market and this is why with custom development, everything is specifically developed after the client’s wishes and instructions after having discussed it with the development team. Custom development might be considered expensive by some, but it is a helpful tool in growing your online business. It involves many departments, like marketing, engineering, research and development and general management or sometimes, even content, inventory, customer and human resource management.

Internet has evolved so much in the way information is shared and the number of services it provides, that more and more people have started to use it for marketing purposes. Adex Labs offers top notch internet marketing solutions which increase your leads by using successful Internet Marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

It is the most effective way to market your online business cost-wise. As almost all internet traffic begins with keywords typed into a search engine, SEO expands your visibility online considerably. Adex Labs provides 100% white hat SEO services. Our strategies are so cleaverly crafted that you do not need to worry about panda & penguin.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Adex Labs help you drive results with our sophisticated pay-per-click (PPC) advertising & management service. Our PPC management executives will create, manage and optimize your PPC campaign to get good ROI.

Site Analytics

For every business, an important factor in keeping ahead of your competition is to have all the facts and data up to date in order to know where you stand not only financially, but also, if your marketing strategies are working or they need to be changed. Adex Labs set up anlytics & analyze this data which allows you to make the necessary changes in order to improve your marketing strategy.

Conversion Consulting

You might be getting data that many people visit your website, but that there aren&#39t many making actual leads or purchases. What can you do to increase the number of buyers? This is the point where you can hire Adex Labs to make a report of all the parameters in order to increase your traffic, make adjustments that will improve your conversion rates and offer a strategy that will take you to the top.

Social Media Marketing

This is one of the most important and handy tools you can use to make your business known in the virtual world. This marketing strategy is also known as electronic word of mouth (eWoM). It helps to attract new customers and keep them informed of your offers and new products. Using SMM, Adex Labs offers you a great way of making your clients feel closer to you and in keeping track of their wishes, their purchases and so on.

Shopping Feed Management

Submit your products to top Shopping Engines & Shopping Comparison sites. Adex Labs optimize your data feed and turn their products into cash.

Apps/Plugins give merchants the ability to add extended functionality and custom integrations to their ecommerce stores.

Adex Labs can help you develop plugins or apps for WordPress, Shopify, Magento & Shopware platform.