How We Doubled MyLucasOil’s Sales Immediately After Migration from Magento to Shopify

Yes, you read right. Mylucasoil got 2x increase in sale immediately after migration. We migrated from Magento to Shopify after the first week of April 2018. When we measured the sales from 20 April to 20 May 2018, results were awesome i.e. 2x increase in sales.

Many merchants are afraid to switch due to SEO concerns. If there is an opportunity, it’s always good decision & if you do it right, there is a way to retain traffic, SEO & there is an opportunity to grow even better.

You might be wondering 2x sale increase is a joke, but we will show you actual results.

What was the reason for switch?

The old site was looking terrible. It was appearing like the site of an old era.
The website was insecure & malicious activities had happened few times
The need of not only the retail model but also Wholesale model
Better & easy to use backend

Are you thinking of what could have increased sales dramatically?

Here are few reasons:
1) Better looking website with conversion optimized layouts
2) Easy checkout process
3) Better performing site
4) SEO friendly migration
5) Better & rapid indexing in search engine after migration
6) Abandoned sale notifications

Let’s see results after migration:

2X increase in impression & search ratio

Number of Transactions & conversion rate on old store

Number of transactions & conversion rate on Shopify store

Our Process:

While making website, our focus is on better & responsive design, SEO friendly website, better converting layouts, easy checkout process & SEO friendly migration. We did the same with this website.

All assets of old website including product, categories, customers, reviews are migrated to shopify.

How happy our clients are:

Review on Shopify Experts

Client is recommending us to everyone

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